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Playful language lessons for 3-6-year-olds

Lessons take place at three different levels, through the whole school year, once a week for 60 minutes and include all together 45 school lessons. There are 6-8 children of the same age within one group, who learn the basic foreign language vocabulary through games, mime, colouring, drawing and singing. more »

Group language courses for children and teenagers aged from 6 to 19

Language courses for elementary school children and secondary school teenagers in English language take place throughout the school year, twice a week for 45 minutes (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) or once a week for 90 minutes, including all together 70 school lessons. The programs for German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages take place once a week for 60 minutes and include all together 45 school lessons.

Within the groups there are children and teenagers who are the same ages and have the same level of prior knowledge of the chosen language. The foreign language lessons within groups up to Level 3 also include activities such as dancing, photography and Arts. All English groups over Level 6 have in their regular lessons included the preparation for the international ESOL exams of the Cambridge University, whilst the German groups are preparing for the Fit in Deutsch 1, 2 and the ZDAF exams, and the French groups for the DALF exam.

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Preparation courses for the Matura exam

Preparation courses for the Matura exams in English, German, Spanish and French language are intended for the 3- and 4-year- students of secondary schools and high schools who would like to enhance their foreign language skills in a pleasant and interesting manner.
The lessons take place once a week for 90 minutes from October until the beginning of May. more »

BIP English in kindergartens

For the last 16 years we have also been meeting our youngest members in several kindergartens around the city of Ljubljana. Since 2006 we have been cooperating with the following kindergartens:
  • The Ledina kindergarten (afternoon courses);
  • The Mladi Rod kindergarten (afternoon courses);
  • The Miškolin kindergarten (afternoon courses);
  • The Golo nad Igom kindergarten (afternoon courses);
  • The Pedenjped kindergarten (the integration of English language within groups of 4-6-year-olds);
  • The Viški gaj kindergarten (afternoon courses);
  • The Trnovo kindergarten (the integration of English language within groups of 4-6-year-olds);
  • The Viški kindergartens (afternoon courses);
  • The Zelena jama kindergarten (afternoon courses).
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BIP language courses in elementary schools

As the ever growing pace of life allows us less and less time and as knowledge is becoming an increasingly more important life value, we are aware that driving the children around to their afternoon activities has become a huge burden for many parents. That is the reason we have been developing and offering foreign language courses also in elementary schools around the city of Ljubljana. The elementary schools we are cooperating with in the 2014/2015 school year are the following:
  • OŠ Ketteja in Murna;
  • OŠ Ig;
  • OŠ Kašelj;
  • OŠ Oskarja Kovačiča;
  • OŠ Zadobrova;
  • OŠ Zalog.
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Individual lessons for children and teenagers

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and Slovene) are intended for:
 · Children who would like to get some assistance with their regular school work at a chosen foreign language (we enable the children to join together within a group of 3 participants, which brings greater dynamics into the lessons and also lowers the price per an individual participant);

· The teenagers who are not able to attend our usual group lessons because of their school and activities overload. The programs are in terms of set time and topics adjusted to the individual participants. This form of lessons is the fastest and the most efficient path to foreign language fluency.

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